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Michael Canfield 20.08.2016 Mirree ...I received the print I ordered (60cm x 40cm Crocodile)...this is beyound expection.I see I will have to build a special frame so glass won't touch texture.I was not expecting such vibrate colors .And the texture fantastic..this will be my the totem to inspire my writing...
Fay Parkin 20.08.2016 Friday 19th August just received my butterfly painting for being the winner for the July competition Mirree I love it very much thank you it arrived safe right to my front door Thank you Fay
Jessica Martinez 06.08.2016 I received my Ancestral Owl Fin he's yesterday and was stunned at the depth and message of this piece. It really struck a chord with my life right now and I as so grateful. Thank you so much Mirree!!
Susanna Gozzano 04.06.2016 I purchased the 15cm x 15cm Life changes Owls Original Painting. It doesn't show it but its in the lounge in the book corner...wise is having it up high so fingers don't touch. .I am a High Court Judge it is our style to have wise owls...I love it. Its in this Judge's flat (chamber) and it will always be loved and treasured. Thank you for a vision to love.
Tara Delaney 04.06.2016 Got my 40cm x 60cm beautiful 'White Cockatoo' painting yesterday absolutely love it thank you!
Vicki Olsen 17.03.2016 Hi Mirree Here is the photo of the gorgeous 25cm x 35cm Platypus Animal Dreaming painting you did for my husband for Xmas!!! He was totally blown away with it. He loves the colours and the scene. Thank you so much for making his day Vicki.
Linda MacDonald 17.03.2016 Mirree! My 30cm x 30cm Pink Lotus painting & 10cm x 10cm mandala have arrived & they're gorgeous. Thank you so much - I'll send a picture once I've got the room arranged how I want it. It's made my day! xxx
Karyn Steel 17.03.2016 I love my 15cm x 15cm Full Moon Dingo. Thank you so much. The dingo is my totem animal & I have to keep rescuing my dingo toy to keep with my painting from my 3 year old grand daughter who wants to take him home. I think they look great together. They will both have a new home in the new home I am building Once again many thanks Bunjil blessings
Susan Stevens 17.03.2016 I'm very happy with our beautiful 40cm x 60cm Dingo Dreaming. Something unique that has meaning to us and our family. The print was very high quality and arrived very promptly. Thank You so much for this artwork!
Julie Brown 17.01.2016 I got my 20cm x 20cm Blue Wren painting ! Have posted a thank you... please post to your site and enter me in your new draw... would LOVe another piece, I love it!
Caroline Jones 17.01.2016 My Butterfly painting arrived today and it is beautiful, the photo didn't do it justice.It is stunning and I will enjoy it for years to come.Thank you for all the information which came with it Mirree. It is lovely to be able to buy an original off you Mirree,one day I hope to be able to purchase one of your large canvases. Thank you .Highly recommended.
Kerry Roche 04.12.2015 My beautiful paintings, by Mirree of Dreams of Creation Australia, of which I have been the proud owner for less than a month. (And wonderful photo by Scott Vidler on my phone.) I first acquired the painting on the left, Butterfly Breakthrough, after Mirree posted a picture of it to a group I belong to on Facebook. It was the first time I had seen any of mirree's artwork but was immediately drawn to it. So taken by it, in fact, I felt I had to own it if possible. I messaged Mirree, found it was indeed for sale, and completed the transaction therewith. I was so excited when it arrived. It was indeed more stunning and compelling in real life. I read the paperwork Mirree had included with curiousity as I had no idea it was a meditation mandela but thought, why not. I meditated on Butterfly Breakthrough and received many messages, the strongest of which was that I needed a strong male presence in my life. Not sexual but very male. That fit with my life. Meanwhile I had placed another order with Mirree. This time for Ancestral Butterfly and Butterfly Breakthrough in a colour of my choice, blues. They too arrived in due course, even more stunning and compelling if that were possible. I also received a catalogue I had asked for as my Mother was having trouble viewing Mirree's artwork on my phone, and I discovered that I had found Mirree's artwork at the beginning of a sale. Yet more paintings were chosen. Whilst I waited on the bank account to match my desires for more of Mirree's artwork I placed the three paintings together on my desk and meditated on the one that drew me most at any given time. Blue Butterfly Breakthrough always called the loudest. One morning it was more insistent than usual so I stopped what I was doing and meditated on it. As always with Mirree's paintings and open eye meditation different shapes and colours drew my attention, became more vivid, and faded away, until one blue butterfly was left. It took me on a journey with it and showed me my subconscious with the darkness that was yet to be illuminated. Then it shone a light on the darkness and it all changed into a brilliant multifaceted white light containing every colour and shade in existence. It was bright and pure, and it was beautiful. And it was me. An incredible experience and amazing gift. And then the butterfly and I returned and I went about my day, and as I was cleaning an hour or so later I swept up a tiny silver foil butterfly which I know I did not bring I into the house. So, I feel very blessed to have discovered Mirree's artwork and Mirree herself. Mirree is a true treasure who has patiently answered my every query and helped immensely as I find my path. I have found far more than I bargained for when buying a 'simple' painting and will always be grateful I stumbled across Butterfly Breakthrough (or it stumbled across me) at a time I needed healing. And now Ancestral Butterfly is calling so I shall see what awaits. Thank you Mirree. Bless
Kristy 23.11.2015 I started just admiring the work, but once I saw "Gymea Lily" I knew I had to have it in my home. When it arrived just days after ordering and I read the story behind it, I found it was exactly what I needed! Thank you xox
Karen French 22.11.2015 It arrived the other day, "Healing & Protective Heart" Painting. I tried to put something on your wall but FB doesnt allow me to. However the painting is absolutely beautiful and the meaning brought tears to my eyes as that is who I am. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of painting !
chris 02.11.2015 just received my "Butterfly Letting go" painting, with the related story, and additional info, fantastic , beautiful . Very happy
Sharryn Ling 29.10.2015 Hi Mirree I was fortunate enough to win a set of your beautiful cards. Thank you so much. They are just lovely. They are so nice that I don't want to give them away!
madeline 15.10.2015 awesome love the colours and the meaning of the artwork was so spot on for me thank you
Trine Anderson 15.10.2015 Just arrived , love it, beautiful done. Haven't read the papers yet, but looking forward to it. Thank you love.
Kylie Seymour 14.10.2015 i would like to thank Mirree for her amazing work, i received my painting today it is both beautiful and majestic, i bought it as a gift to help with personal confidence and inner strength (dragonfly let your light shine) , just looking at the painting brings a smile to my face. you can tell that you put your heart into your work . thank you, your painting is more than i could have hoped for, definitely will not be my only painting.
Patricia Ann Goodman 13.10.2015 Your work is extremely deep and causes responses to the soul. I love them. Thanks for sharing β™‘
Gypsey Mcaliney 12.10.2015 I purchased 15cm x 15cm Platypus - Spirit Cleansing & 15cm x 15cm Butterfly/Dragonfly - Renewal Paintings and they are up and hanging beautiful beautiful beautiful so happy :-D
Lynette Riley 06.10.2015 I have a piece of artwork by Mirree "Ancestral Butterfly". I was immediately draw to the artwork from Mirree's site for its vibrancy and because I've done some research on butterflies and so admire their life cycle, beauty, how they work with other animals to survive and what they contribute to the environment. They are a very under-valued species but to me so special particularly as the butterflies in my artwork are based on the butterflies in mine and Mirree's hometown Dubbo. The artwork to me is a treasure. Thank you Mirree.
Rosie Green 02.10.2015 I am so blessed to have met Mirree, hyou are an amazing persin and a awsome artist, i love your work it brings inspiration and light to my dark days which is why i brought a piece of your work to have with me everyday. Thank you Mirree πŸ’œ
Trish Anderson-Young 29.09.2015 www.mermaidsgarden.com A dear friend introduced me to Mirree's amazing artwork a few years ago and since then I've collected several prints which I display around my home in golden frames. Each one is so much more than just a painting.. they speak to my soul on so many levels awakening a deep connection to land and spirit. I have also gifted a few small prints to friends and their reaction has been very similar to mine - one of wonderment and a never ending smile.
JJ 29.09.2015 avalonessences.com Hi have several of Mirree's paintings and LOVE them all. The Spiritual energy within each painting is Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your Art with the world Mirree xoxo
Jen Cradock 28.09.2015 The painting I received is beautiful and I would also like to thank you for your patience throughout the entire process many thanks
Laura huggins 28.09.2015 www.artworksbymirre.com Dragonfly swamp A4 Thank you soo much for my painting!! It is even more beautiful in real life!! I love the story with it...it is exactly what i am going through!! Saving for my next oneπŸ˜‰
Tammy Wilson 23.09.2015 I love the painting they are so beautiful and my daughters want them..so now I know want they want for xmas..Thanks again...
Ivana Copo 19.09.2015 At school as a child I was taught about Aboriginals, their way of life, beliefs and sadly how they were treated by the 'white fella'. I remember going to Humphries news agency one day where I stumbled on an amazing book about Aboriginals, the many tribes etc. I found from an early time being drawn to their spiritualism, their dreamtime stories, their respect for the sacred land in which they live and its inhabitants. Back in December last year, I stumbled upon Mirree's artwork, it was fresh, bright and simple - not simple as in basic, but with messages that were not cluttered in drawings as one mostly finds in other artwork. I felt that they awakened the same feeling that I had as a child when I wanted to learn more of the Aboriginal ways, beliefs that were opened up with my book. The first one that caught my eye (and there were many) was the lady beetle one as I knew my daughter would enjoy this one as she always has lady beetles visiting her. Thank you Mirree for awakening these lovely memories again 😊 looking forward to seeing more of you work as they are inspirational and fun too 😊
Peta Johnson 19.09.2015 Mirree gave us the best gift with her beautiful painting, thanking you
Jane Skillicorn 12.09.2015 Mirree, we so need beauty and inspiration in our lives, especially on here where there is so much truth! Your hard work (???...you love every nanosecond of it!)...sorry, your work soothes our minds and our souls ...it refreshes our spirits. For this I thank you.
Linda Haw 11.09.2015 Love my artwork by Mirree and it arriived all in one piece. Now up on the wall awaiting more art work. Thanks
Joanne Louise Gatt-welsh 08.09.2015 Your painting of a beautiful Ancestral butterfly reborn my life in ways i can't explain Mirree. They make u feel wanted if u look inside the painting.
Pierette Romandi 03.09.2015 Mirree's work brightens my house! I especially love my two little owly friends that greet me whenever I come home through my front door! Thanks Mirree!!!
Tracy Schmitt 02.09.2015 I absolutely love the prints I received from Mirree. I have shared them as special gifts and the meaning and artwork behind each one is beautiful.
Ivan Kelly 02.09.2015 http://www.IVKelly.com I was fortunate to win a small owl painting by Mirree and have it displayed in my study where I can enjoy its colour and artistry. Her work is highly imaginative.
CAROLINE JONES 02.09.2015 I was lucky enough to win a photo of 4 of Mirree's prints,and it is lovely.I wish I could afford the originals!!.They are wonderful paintings.I have the photo on display as it brightens my day when I look at it
Sharon Walker 02.09.2015 I got this most beautiful painting (Dragonfly ~ Let your light shine) of mirree 4 my daughter and she loved it so much she was crying so it just go to show how beautiful u work is it takes a lot to make my daughter come to tears but in a good way, so thank you so much πŸ’• πŸ’• πŸ’• πŸ’• πŸ’• πŸ’•
Rebecca 02.09.2015 I recieved my paintings in the post today I love them! Wonderfully detailed and so much better in the flash (as it were) currently looking at more purchases. πŸ˜ƒ
Debbie Robson 01.09.2015 'Universal Love' represents all the elements Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Spirit. All of these elements keep me grounded. I am blessed to have this hanging in my room. πŸ˜‰
Lynn Mernovage 01.09.2015 www.fourturtlemoon.com I won a pack of 10 greeting cards from a drawing on Mirree's web site. I was thrilled when I received these cards. I really believe I will frame them, they are so nice.
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