Mirree in her studio in Orange NSW, Australia 2015

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Hi everyone, my name is Mirree I am a Contemporary Aboriginal Artist, here I am working full-time from my studio in Wiradjuri country in the Central West of NSW Australia.
I am currently working on the 1 meter painting with the Dingo called: "Crossroads". My personal totem is the Dingo, I specialize in painting individual Animal totems for people that want to connect to their animal on a deep level for guidance, protection, support & healing. I have been painting since I started when I was 17 years old and haven't stopped since. I only started to promote my paintings professionally & seriously 2 years ago here in Australia and Internationally, which lead to a high level of response & unexpected acclaim.
I have done all my traditional ceremonies and have learnt a great deal from the knowledge from the land and my paintings. I Follow and respect, all races of people & the modern ways of the land that are connected to the universal spirit that resides within us all.
Thanks for liking and being apart of Artworks by Mirree page. Welcome to you all, lots of love Mirree xoxo 

​PS: I am the whitest one in my family with everyone else having tanned skin, my mother is European and my father is Aboriginal.

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​Read more about Mirree & her projects here: http://www.dreamsofcreation.com